On December 11th, 2023, Professor Christos Athanassiou of the University of Thessaly (UTH) embarked on a visit to the facilities of the ELVIZ industry, marking a pivotal moment in the ongoing collaboration between UTH and ELVIZ. The focus of this encounter was to deliberate on various joint projects between the two entities, with particular attention given to their involvement in the CIPROMED project.

During his visit, Prof. Athanassiou seized the opportunity to engage with members of the ELVIZ industry, presenting and articulating the aims and scopes of the CIPROMED project. This proved to be an invaluable platform for disseminating crucial information about the project’s goals and objectives to a wider audience within the industry. The visit also facilitated open discussions, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the project’s significance and its potential impact on both academia and industry.

Furthermore, Professor Athanassiou took proactive measures to organize and plan the next collaborative steps between the UTH and ELVIZ teams, specifically focusing on the Work Package in which they are jointly engaged. This strategic planning session aimed to align the efforts of both teams seamlessly, ensuring efficient progress and successful outcomes within the framework of the CIPROMED project.